What We Do

We make the job search process suck less!

Job seekers face a tedious task in searching for jobs, finding jobs that match their skills, then tweaking their resume for each job they wish to apply for. Traditionally, it takes an average of 2 hours to create a resume. With Enfuego, our dynamic resume building platform makes creating a unique resume for each job quick, simple, painless and on-target.

  • Build a library of candidate skills.

  • Job matches served up to candidates.

  • Remove the burden of resume writing.


You provide your education, skills, and experience information. We match jobs to your skills and show you the best options. You apply and let Enfuego write the resume for each job application.


The most qualified job applicants have the most relevant skills for a job. How do job seekers decide which skills to include on their resume when there are limits on how much they can include? Why not map ALL of your skills? Your profile will not be limited to managing skills that only fit on 1 or 2 pages. The Skills Cloud is the job seeker’s library of all experience have acquired throughout their career. Job seekers are also presented with opportunities to improve their skills through the job matching process. Skills needed for a job are listed in the description and job seekers can identify those needed to better qualify.


Enfuego compares your Skill Cloud against the job universe and serves up the results that best match your skills. The job matching process will also show jobs in other industries that require skills that you already have. We help employers seek you for jobs based on your skills rather than you spending time trying to find jobs suited to your capabilities.


This is what we mean by “Dynamic Content Resumes”. Enfuego provides tools for building a resume that emphasizes the skills that match key terms in the job description. No need to manually write a different resume for the job application process. Enfuego does that for you with each job application submitted.  Think of us as your friend, the professional resume writer.

Ending the tyranny of a lousy job search.


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