Better job matches.
Better earning potential.

It’s a tedious task searching for jobs, finding roles that match your skills, and then tweaking your resumé for each job you wish to apply for. Traditionally, it takes an average of two hours to create a resumé. With Enfuego, our dynamic resumé building platform makes it fast, simple, and completely painless to create a unique resumé for each job application.


Using a traditional resumé, you have to decide which skills to include in a limited amount of space. Why not map ALL of your skills? Your profile will not be limited to managing skills that only fit on one or two pages. The Skill Cloud is your library of all the experience acquired throughout your career. You’ll also be presented with opportunities to improve your skills through the job matching process. Skills needed for a job are listed in the description and you can identify those needed to better qualify.


Enfuego compares your Skill Cloud against ZipRecruiter’s massive job database and serves up the results that best match your skills. Our job matching process will also show jobs in other industries that require skills that you already have. We help you focus on jobs that match your capabilities and experience, saving you the time and energy it takes to search from scratch.


When we talk about our “Dynamic Content Resumé” platform, we’re talking about using A.I. (artificial intelligence) to create custom resumés with the click of a button. With A.I. on your side, you can auto-generate a resumé that emphasizes the skills that match key terms in the job description. No need to manually write a different resumé for the job application process. Enfuego does that for you with each job application submitted. Think of us as your professional resumé-writing friend.

Instead of endless searching, try:

  • Building a Skill Cloud you can easily update
  • Being served relevant jobs – instead of searching for them
  • Generating a custom resumé for every application with just a few clicks
ATS - Search Stacked Against You

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