Advanced Job Match Technology

Enfuego has developed advanced technology that connects extensive job market data to you, the job seeker. The experiences you manage in your Skill Cloud become an essential part of the application process. Those skills are used in creating Dynamic Content Resumés that are crafted to meet the requirements of the job description. It all starts with a few simple steps – and ends with a lot less work for you.

How we do it:

  • Partner with ZipRecruiter as a resource for job listings

  • Leverage the most powerful computing technology from IBM Watson

  • Create custom resumés for each job you apply for – with a single click


We’re not another job listing service – there are plenty of others doing that part well. Instead, we partner with one the largest brands in the job search universe, ZipRecruiter. Leveraging their job listing data, we connect you to the best possible job matches and help you tailor your resumé to each one.


Our process uses some of the strongest computing power available from Google and IBM. This technology works to evaluate all the jobs listed by our partner databases and match your skills. The result is a listing of jobs you qualify for based on the skills you have included in your Skill Cloud. In essence, we find jobs for you.


The greatest pain in the process of finding and applying for a job is tailoring your resumé to each position. Not all jobs you qualify for have the exact same requirements, so your resumé has to reflect your expertise differently for each application. That’s where our Dynamic Content Resumé platform, or “one-click resumés,”comes into play.

The experiences you add to your Skill Cloud are used to build an automated (dynamic) resumé based on specific job requirements. Our platform will also ensure your optimized resumé that is properly formatted for the ATS and applicant screening process.


We make it easy for you to get started. You can begin by uploading your current resumé in one of several file formats and our system will use it to begin building your Skill Cloud. You can also manually edit or enter skills at any time. 

Our process can also access your LinkedIn profile to acquire your skills for inclusion in your Skill Cloud. The initial time you invest in building your Skill Cloud is more than worth it – this upfront work will result in custom, one-click resumés for every job you apply for through Enfuego.


Looking to fill gaps, become more competitive or seek out new roles? Our Skills Navigator connects you with local and digital educational opportunities to acquire new skills or certifications, helping you increase your fit new opportunities and move your career forward.

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