How We Do It

Enfuego Technologies has developed a platform that uses the strongest computing power available. This advanced technology is used to connect the extensive job market data of our partners to job seekers. The skills our users manage in their Skill Cloud become an essential part of the application process. Those skills are used in creating Dynamic Content Resumes that are crafted to meet the requirements of the job description. It all starts with simple steps of uploading a resume as a file or by connecting a user’s LinkedIn profile. Enfuego users spend less time searching for jobs and even less time struggling through the resume writing process for each job they apply for.

  • Partnerships with big brands as a resource for job listings.

  • Leveraging the most powerful computing technology.

  • Creating resumes for each job you apply for.

  • Make it simple for you to get started.


Our platform is not intended to be another job listing service. In fact, we have partnered with one of the largest job listing services in the world. Enfuego was built to be the missing piece of the job application process. We help job seekers match their skills to available jobs and further assist by creating a tailored resume for each job application based on the skills required.


Enfuego has partnered with one the largest brands in the job search universe, ZipRecruiter. We are not trying to be another job listing service. That is already done well by many. Enfuego leverages the job listing data from our partner to connect you to the best possible job matches.


Our process uses some of the strongest computing power available from Google and IBM. This technology works to evaluate all the jobs listed by our partner databases and match your skills. The result is a listing of jobs you qualify for based on the skills you have included in your Skill Cloud. In essence, we find jobs for you.


Enfuego understands the hassles of the job seeking process. The greatest pain of finding and applying for a job is tailoring your resume for each position. Not all jobs you qualify for have the exact same requirements, so your resume has to reflect your expertise in different skills for different job applications.  Our Dynamic Content Resume platform is designed to allow you to apply to more jobs you are qualified for in less time. The skills you supply to our Skills Cloud platform are used in building and automated (dynamic) resume based on matching job requirements. Simply apply for a job and submit your resume. Enfuego will create your Dynamic Content Resume that is properly formatted for the ATS and applicant screening process.


We make it easy for you to get started. You can begin by uploading your resume in one of several file formats and our system will create your Skill Cloud. You can also manually edit skills or enter skills at any time. Our process can also access your LinkedIn profile to acquire your skills for inclusion in your Skill Cloud. The initial time you invest in building your Skill Cloud will offer you the ability to create tailored resumes for all jobs you apply for through Enfuego. No more struggling with the resume writing process.

Ending the tyranny of a lousy job search.


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