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Enfuego is more than a job search engine – we’re a custom platform built for you, the job seeker. Once you create a profile and build your Skill Cloud, we’ll match you with relevant job postings based on your unique background and experience. And here’s the real kicker: we’ll automatically populate a custom resumé for each and every application. So you can search smarter, interview with confidence, land your next job, and earn more – faster.

Build your Skill Cloud once

Match with jobs infinitely

Create a profile and add your experience. We’ll help you build your Skill Cloud.

Search relevant jobs using our Job Match Scoring tool. The higher your score, the better suited you are for the opening. (Missing a skill that would boost your score? Use our Upskill Navigator.)

Generate a custom resumé for every application. We’ll automatically populate your resumé with keywords and formatting that will help you stand out. (Good-bye, tabs and typos!)

Apply via ZipRecruiter. We’ll link you directly to the application.

Hard Truth:
The search is stacked against you

Most employers use a digital tool called ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to filter out some 75% of all job applicants based on formatting, grammatical errors and missing keywords.

Enfuego helps you rise to the top by generating a custom resumé that avoids common errors and includes relevant keywords that will get you past the “bots” and into HR’s inbox.

ATS - Search Stacked Against You

Get started with a free 30-day trial

After your 30 days, you can upgrade to Basic or Premium service to continue your search and keep your Skill Cloud up-to-date. And there’s zero commitment – you can cancel anytime.

The real value? Landing a better job with better pay.

But money is money – so let us explain what you’ll be getting for yours: One way Enfuego “pays for itself” is by matching you with better, more relevant jobs and helping you become a more competitive applicant with a custom resumé for every application. If our platform can help you earn at least 10% more in your next job position, we’ve done our work (and then some).

Meet the humans

Enfuego started as a spark of an idea. Frustrated with dead-end job searching, Paul Hughes decided to build a better platform. Now, he works for himself – and for all the job seekers out there.

Match. Lock. Land.

Create a profile. Match with relevant jobs. Get noticed by hiring managers.
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